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ML Foundation

Moneylife Foundation, launched on 6th February 2010, is a non-profit organisation registered with the Charity Commissioner of Mumbai. The Foundation is engaged in spreading financial literacy, consumer awareness and advocacy and works towards safe and fair market practices through workshops, round table meetings, white papers, research, awareness campaigns, grievance redressal, counselling, etc. We take pride in being fiercely independent, non-partisan and always pro-saver.

We are a Development Partner of Advocates for International Development and a Member of OECD’s International Network on Financial Education. We also received the 10th M.R. Pai Memorial Award in September 2014 for our outstanding work.

Moneylife Foundation is one of the fastest growing non-governmental organisations in India, and one of the foremost organisations involved in spreading financial literacy in India. Apart from advocacy and spreading financial literacy, it also provides the following:

  • Free membership to Moneylife Foundation
  • Free daily and weekly newsletters for news and views with a difference in your mailbox
  • Automatic basic membership of Moneylife Advisory Services (MAS), our new initiative which will address almost 90% of your financial needs.
  • Free access to seminars and workshops on financial literacy
  • Free access to Legal Resource Centre
  • Free access to Credit helpline for financial- and debt-related issues
  • Invitations to attend round-table discussions
  • Access to free reading room of Moneylife Knowledge Centre
  • It provides state-of-the-art facilities for focused events such as conferences, workshops, etc


Moneylife Foundation Logo To Be The Beacon and Voice of Savers of India


Our mission is to give a voice to those of us who work hard, earn, save and still don’t seem to have a say in the decisions that affect us, because we are neither a vote bank nor part of any vested interests.

Our objectives are to:

  • To create interest in financial markets, increase financial literacy and protect investors and consumers of banking and financial services through information, counselling and grievance redressal.
  • To enhance financial literacy by providing free access to the best books, magazines and CDs on Finance to anyone who wants to learn more about investment, saving, borrowing sensibly and safely.
  • To provide free access to forms and literature on financial products currently on offer, including prospectuses and annual reports.
  • To provide access to financial databases, such as Prowess, for the discerning investors.
  • To hold regular workshops and expert talks on financial issues, which will cover new equity, loan, insurance, pension and mutual fund products.
  • To provide a forum of networking among organizations involved in similar work and also support voluntary organizations working in this area. To collaborate with /assist/support organizations/ NGOs/ civil society groups that engage in public intervention to create a just, fair and a corruption free society.
  • To educated the public of their legal rights in areas of investor protection through literacy programmes.
  • To help prevent corruption and malpractices at all levels at the financial markets.
  • To undertake qualitative and quantitative research and analysis in the areas of finance, economics, politics, public policies, environmental, business and all other allied fields for the purpose of preparing a well documented database for the purpose of activities carried out by the company.
  • To provide a forum for committed volunteers and experts to involve themselves in a meaningful way for improvement in financial literacy and consumer protection.
  • To create and promote enlightened public opinion on various issues affecting the investors and consumers.
  • To encourage, support and assist legal research and study of administrative, legal and other systems.
  • To take up, if necessary, litigations in a competent court of law and take any other lawful measures to safeguard the rights and interests of the investors and consumers and also to lobby for abrogation and/or amendment of the laws that do not ensure enforcement of the rule of law as well as transparent and accountable governance.
  • To serve as a think tank, discuss and deliberate diverse issues at various forums for improving the financial literacy and consumer protection.
  • To create awareness and a sense of vigilance and responsibility among investors.
  • To conduct and organise seminars, workshops, conferences, meetings, awareness campaigns and public lectures for disseminating information and knowledge of laws and governance issues on regular basis.

We have published position papers on Investor issues, Senior Citizen issues, Multilevel Marketing Schemes and Insurance, which have been sent to respective regulators. Check: http://foundation.moneylife.in/memorandums/

Moneylife Foundation runs FREE helplines and counselling to help people in various areas. Check: http://foundation.moneylife.in/moneylife-foundation-helplines/

MLF is among the fastest growing NGOs in India today with over 59,200 members. We conduct regular workshops/seminars in pursuit of our goal – this is at the rate of nearly one workshop every week. Events: http://foundation.moneylife.in/galleries/

Some of our important speakers have included Hon’ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra Mr Devendra Fadnavis, Dr Subramanian Swamy, Mr Vinod Rai, ex Comptroller & Auditor General (CAG), Dr Ashok Khemka, secretary of the Govt of Haryana, Dr Wajahat Habibullah (former Chief Information Commissioner), Dr S Y Quraishi (as Chief Election Commissioner), Mr Dinesh Trivedi, former Railway Minister, Mr Hari Narayan, ex-Chairman of the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority, Justice Sujata Manohar, ex-judge Supreme Court, Dr K C Chakrabarty, former Deputy Governor RBI, Sanjay Nirupam, former MP (who inaugurated the foundation in February 2010), Ms Aruna Roy and Nikhil Dey and many eminent lawyers, activists and domain experts.

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Moneylife Magazine

One of India's leading personal finance magazine Moneylife magazine is a fortnightly that is focused on personal finance topics borrowings, mutual funds, real estate, stocks, insurance and taxes. It empowers the individual to invest and spend wisely by offering hard facts, insightful opinions, unbiased options and useful tips from the world of money. Moneylife has created a high mindshare with its innovative content and pro-reader stance. It delivers a stellar mix of unique content, sharp analysis and a lucid writing style in a classy design and layout that is a cut above its competitors. Moneylife offers a totally honest opinion about financial products; we are one of the rare publications to analyse life insurance products from with the interests of policyholders in mind and have carried a crusade against debilitating pyramid schemes. Among Moneylife’s innovations are unique long career interviews that have drawn out the fascinating stories of the biggest and the best achievers in their own words. Moneylife has been the only magazine to feature luminaries such as Mukesh Ambani, Ratan Tata, Professor CNR Rao, RK Laxman, Professor MM Sharma, Keki Dadiseth, KV Kamath, Dr RH Patil, Amitabh Bachchan, Geet Sethi, etc. These gripping interviews have become the talking points across the country and have been compiled as bestselling two-volume titles called Pathbreakers and Pathbreakers 2.

Moneylife Advisory Services

Moneylife Advisory Services offers a package of cutting-edge information, deeply-researched shortlist of investment and insurance products, a market-timing and asset-allocation tool and continuous support. It is a commission-free model, which eliminates the problem of having to choose between hundreds of different financial products. MSSN members get the benefit of the same ethical, pro-consumer and pro-investor philosophy that has characterized Moneylife’s approach from day one. Visit advisor.moneylife.in and take a tour of the service.

Moneylife Digital

Our digital portal puts out socially-relevant relevant news, views from independent columnists and product reviews—with a difference every few minutes, all encapsulated in a newsletter sent to over 50,000 people on a daily and weekly basis. Not only we put relevent news, but a wide array of comprehensive news of different topics that are valuable to the discerning consumer. MLSite